Thursday, February 28, 2008

Rubin: Harpers Interviews Ahmed Rashid on Pakistan Elections

Scott Horton of Harpers interviews Ahmed Rashid (see my related post):
American interest in Pakistan picked up suddenly when Benazir Bhutto was assassinated, and then came back briefly as the Pakistani elections produced surprising results. In a word, they were a clear-cut defeat for Pervez Musharraf. I turned to the foremost commentator on Pakistani politics for some predictions, to Ahmed Rashid. Operating out of Lahore, Rashid is the author of three books including the best sellers ‘Taliban’ and most recently ‘Jihad.’ He has covered Pakistan, Afghanistan and Central Asia for the past 25 years and writes for the ‘Far Eastern Economic Review,’ the ‘Daily Telegraph’ and ‘The Wall Street Journal.’
Read the whole interview here.


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chrisrushlau said...

I'd viewed Harpers as considerably less imperial-minded than the NYT or Atlantic Monthly, but this interview gives me insight into the Beltway/Obama fascination with winning the war in Afghanistan-Pakistan: the war on terror.
Because south Asia is farther away than Mesopotamia and because the UK, our fathers in empire, had less "success" in south Asia, our Beltway aspirations are that much magnified by our resulting ignorance, which is thus unable to trammel our egoism.
So the problem here is a social revolution in the US, throwing off the (as T. Roosevelt would say) "Anglophilia" and its white power consciousness ("the world is a blank white sheet of paper and I am the artist of geopolitics, here in my family and out there in Megalopolis") that is embedded in our ruling class. Ruling class? Yale, dear. What do they do at Yale? Or as the famous English lady said at dinner, "But what is it that they DO?"

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