Thursday, December 18, 2008

Iraq in the Obama Adminstration

The U.S. Institute of Peace has published a concise discussion of policy concerns and options for the incoming Obama administration.  The document, which entails the input of a number of scholars, experts, and former officials, offers 15 recommendations, some of which are especially thoughtful.  The signatories include a number of the people who advised the Iraq Study Group

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Anonymous said...

And, what the heck does any of this generalized nebulous gibberish mean beyond more American imperial reach?

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Stern Gang said...

I just want to express my outrage at the Giant European War Memorial in the Levant, aka, Israel, for its maniacal terrorist attacks on the people of Gaza.

Moreover, it is blatantly obvious that Juan Cole, at Informed Comment shys away from availing a forum for comment from its readers on any issue that may detract from the European Settlers living in Palestine and clarify the expansionist and genocidal policies of the neo-Nazis ruling Israel.

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