Monday, November 3, 2008

Rubin: Hitchens on McCain and Khalidi

I don't always agree with Christopher Hitchens, but it is uniquely satisfying to read him when I do. His rambunctious counter-attack on McCain-Palin for their shameful (shameless?) slur on Rashid Khalidi is worth savoring.


pangeaprogress said...

I like the way Hitchens ends on "Anyone who does care should be getting ready to vote against this humiliating ticket, a team that so farcically and horribly unites the senescent and the puerile."

Ernest Becker wrote,
“The last thing man can admit to himself is that his life-ways are arbitrary: this is one of the reasons that people often show derisive glee and scorn over the ‘strange’ customs of other lands—it is a defense against the awareness that his own way of life may be just as fundamentally contrived as any other. One culture is always a potential menace to another because it is a living example that life can go on heroically without a value framework totally alien to one’s own.”
I think Becker's observation is quite relevant to the Palin mob mentality that attacks Khalidi and spews out hate toward Obama's perceived otherness as if they represented what it is to be American absolutely. It is a reaction and a defense formed from their own insecurities and weak egos. Palinism, racism and xenophobia is against the spirit and the letter of the Constitution of the United States. Palinism is intellectually bankrupt, dishonorable, and lacks the credibility to lead America into the new century in the era of global interconnectedness.

Anonymous said...

Christopher Hitchens is a vile writer, who advocates policies that show a despising of Arabs and Muslims, but of course that means Rubin finds a reason to admire him when politically convenient.

How many Arabs and Muslims does Hitchens have to excuse destroying before Rubin finds another source to refer to?

Anonymous said...

Is the point that Rubin wants to be Hitchens, that allows the excusing of years of racist ranting against Arabs and Muslims. I do wonder.

Anonymous said...

November 4, 2008

Obama will apologize to Rashid Khalidi--5 years after his retirement from public life, not a day earlier.

-- As'ad AbuKhalil

Anand said...

Lay off Hitchens. He defended Rushdie in 1988 when few in the world had the courage to do so. Hitchens even secretly let Rushdie stay at his house.

Hitchens is courageous if nothing else. He even arranged his own water boarding, in his (now successful) attempt to discredit torture.

Is Hitchens in any way more anti Muslim than he is anti every other religion in the world? I wish he expressed his atheism with more humility . . . but I am not the Hitch. ;-)

BTW, our President is "Barrack HUSSEIN Obama" He is the son of a Kenyan muslim with possibly arab roots, who grew up in part in muslim Indonesia.

I am proud to be an American.

Anonymous said...

Hitchens has been a monster for war for years. I know the monster well. I know just what and who Hitchens is.

Anonymous said...
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