Sunday, July 20, 2008

Rubin: Hizb-i Islami Blames Northern Alliance for Attack on Indian Embassy in Kabul and Everything Else

Ahmadullah Archiwal, an Afghan student in New York, has translated the Hizb-i Islami (Hikmatyar) press release on the bombing of the Indian Embassy in Kabul from Pashto to English. I also received an official English version issued by Hizb-i Islami from a colleague in Kabul, but it seems that the official English version de-emphasizes certain points, so I prefer to use Ahmadullah's version. As there has been some confusion in the past, I would like to emphasize that by publicizing a document I am not endorsing its content. I think the content indicates something about the strategy of HIkmatyar and his backers and is therefore worthy of study. Here is the text:
Press Release of Hizb-i-Islami on the explosion in the front of Indian Embassy

While strongly condemning all the criminal acts of targeting helpless and innocent Afghans we recommend to our Mujahideen to demonstrate practically to the nation that they are not involved in such acts, have paid their full attention towards the actual enemy, and do not want to fire a single bullet to other than their enemy.

Some Afghans might ask that, who are responsible, for the explosions that result in the death of innocent and helpless Afghans, for explosions in the mosques, for killing of the religious scholars (Mullahs), for burning the schools, for detonating clinics and madrasas. Why do they commit such crimes? Why any one does not claim responsibilities for such crimes? Are they Taliban and Mujahideen or some circles in the American government of Kabul?

Everyone knows that Northern Alliance wants to demonstrate to their foreign supporters that their long armed presence in the government of Kabul is imperative. They want to get more aid from India. America and their puppets want to intensify the rivalry between India and Pakistan and to turn our country a site for their rivalry. Those who will be benefited are Americans, who will sell their weapons to both the countries, and is the Northern Alliance who will get more aid from New Delhi for their enmity with Pakistan.

This is their reason for opposing Islamabad; otherwise, it is clear that Islamabad is a strong supporter of the USA in the on going war. Pakistan is also a strong supporter of the Afghan government. It is the country that with the pressure from the ISI imposed the leader of Northern Alliance twice on Afghans.

Those who detonate bombs in Iraqi mosques, Kills Iraqi scholars, scientists and make Sunnis kill shites and shittes to kill Sunnis….. They are the same circles who are also behind such acts in Afghanistan. We should not undermine the remarks of the United Nations representative who has said: The intelligence organizations of some countries are involved in acts in which ordinary people are killed!!

If they think that CIA, MOSAD, Sipah –i-Pasdaran are behind such acts in Iraq, then it is a fact that those and some other agencies are behind the same acts in Afghanistan as well. As a matter of fact such people do not believe in God, do not have any sacred goal, they are the ones who do not give any importance to the blood of Afghans, and those who killed more than fifty innocent people in only two provinces in a week in their blind bombardment, they also commit the same crimes .Sometimes, they do such acts directly by themselves and some times do them through the Afghan Intelligence Agency.

Members of the Northern Alliance who were serving the Russians and now serving Americans do such acts in Herat, Khost, Kandahar, Ghazni, Paktia, Nangrahar, Nuristan, Kunar, Laghman and other provinces. They are the people who are in the control of the Khad, they invited Russians and then Americans to attack Afghanistan, and they requested Iran to occupy Herat and pressed Americans to intensify their bombardment and to drop heavier bombs on Afghans. They are the ones who have made private prisons for Americans in Kabul and Panjsher where innocent Afghans are tortured. They are the people who spy for the imperialists and invite them to drop bombs on the villages, cities and mosques of Afghanistan. They are fighting under the command of imperialists against their own people in the East, South and South Western parts of the country and commit such crimes that even foreign military officers, who command their subordinate to keep such acts secret, feel shy to talk about them. Northern Alliance, internal enemy of Afghans and the collections of the foreign servants are responsible for all such crimes. They even dropped bombs and fired rockets on the innocent citizens of Kabul during their reign so to blame real Mujahideen!!

While strongly condemning all the crimes that targets helpless and innocent Afghans we recommend to our Mujahideen to demonstrate practically to the nation that they are not involved in such accidents, have paid their full attention towards the actual enemy, and do not want to fire a single bullet towards other than their enemy. Avoid conventional fighting, the harm of such fighting is greater than their gains, ordinary people are targeted and are forced to leave their houses in such fighting.

We also tell to the nation to pay attention to the conspiracies of the internal and external enemies and to be prepared for the days when the imperialists will withdraw from our country. That time is closer, American system is closer to collapse. The present situation of Afghanistan is just like those days when the Soviet troops were making preparations for their withdrawal. All those Afghans, who want the independence of their country, collapse of the reign of the foreign servants, the end of the conflict, opportunity for Afghan nation to determine their own future by themselves without the foreign intervention, and the establishment of an Islamic system, should come closer.

With a hope for those sacred goals.

Long live Mujahideen.


This comment has been removed by the author.

Dr Rubin commented a few days back : How long before someone pointed a finger at India for attacking its own consulate. Well, Dr Rubin, there you have it. This letter comes close enough !!

Hizb i Islami (Hekmatyar faction) - HISK - is funded by ISI (Pakistan) and Saudi Arabia. Peter Berger, estimated that of the total aid money received by Pakistan from USA, conservatively US$ 600 million went to HISK.

It is the sigle minded tilt of ISI to HISK, that alienated it from Ahmad Shah Massoud (Northern Alliance - NA). Hamid Gul (however much you give him a clean chit, Dr Rubin) was hand in glove with Hetmatyar and his rise. It is this alliance that threatened Benazir Bhutto and who ultimately retired Hamid Gul. This led to a change of ISI's Afghan policy which upset Hekmatyar, who then retired to IRAN. Hamid Gul targetted takeover of Jalalabad for HISK - which he failed, thankfully.

A tale of two assasinations :

1. Ahmad Shah Massoud of Northern Alliance (bete noir of ISI). Gets killed on 7/11 - two days before 9/11. Convenient ....

2. Benazir Bhutto who retired Hamid Gul, herself gets "retired for ever" and HISK comes into prominence and gets back into ISI fold (though this process started earlier).

The loss of Afghanistan to Norther Alliance has hurt ISI the most, and HISK is one of the elements that ISI controls in its multi pronged strategy in gaining back the influence. HISK is popular in Konar district as he was truly a war hero, against the Soviets, and many of the locals there remember the lion (Hekmatyar) and fought alongside him. Even though he does not command Pan Pashtun influence, pockets of influence are good enough for ISI to get back the country, province by province.

Hence the press release from HISK. Please do not insult our intelligence - it is ISI trying its "disinformation", albeit through HISK. Its so obvious. The visceral hatred of Norther Alliance is shared by ISI and passed on over to HISK.

Anonymous said...

The ISI trains, funds and arms jihadis, but thats only moral and diplomatic training, funding and arming. As opposed to moral and diplomatic(and principled) Pakistani jihadis who sit at home and twiddle their thumbs, all real jihadi attacks are carried out by India Israel and Afghans to malign Pakistan. Um OK. A long as some American or Saudi dollar or dinar baron somewhere is buying it, that is a profitable line to take. Its also Pak Army's bread and butter, do you want Pak Army brass to go on starving rations for the sake of speaking the truth, poor things.

Unknown said...

Kabul embassy attack, increased attacks near LOC and increased infiltration,chaos in FATA and SWAT and Hangu are all part of a plot by Kiyani to creat a situation where in he can dump Musharaff, throw away Zardari(and NRO), restore the judges and get stamp of approval from americans for another army rule.After the deadly attack in which 10 americans were killed, the americans rewarded Pakistan with TRIPLING AID AMOUNT, released 4+4 F16s and many more in line and Pakistani army knows the game which it has played all along.Americans and neocons have been always suckered by the Saudies who have found out the clout their lapdog ISI could creat for them

Anand said...

My favorite is that the Mosad "JOOS" did it :-)

Anonymous said...

Mr. Rubin, has been correct in his comments. Let me tell a fact to a comment in this page which says Hezb was established by ISI and Hamid Gul. This person should go back and review Hezb history. Hezb was established 40 years ago in Kabul University with 3 teachers and 9 young students. At that time, the late king Zaher Shah was ruling Afghanistan. So this should clear one thing to you.
Secondly, the assistance which Hezb received during the Jihad against the Russians, was something that the whole world knew that without Hezb other socalled Mujahideen leaders will not have a chance of winning the war. It was and it is Hezb that calls the shots in Afghanistan. As you can see, all those other leaders of the Mujahideen including commnader Ahmad Shah Massod are and were agents of foringers,but Hekmatyar, and that is why you still see him fighting the forigners in the Afghan mountains and winning because the people of Afghanistan knows who derserve their leadership. Also I should point out to you, that one can never rule Afghanistan without first agreeing to HEZB directions no matter how many more soliders, plains, tanks and other things you bring into the country, because Hezb is present in all 33 states of Afghanistan, and some people think that they will push Hezb to the side and take over Afghanistan like Germany, Italy, Japan, Saudi Arabia and so on, should think towice because Hezb will fight for every inch of Afghanistan to be free from occupation or governments which are puppet of forigners.

Anand said...

Why doesn't Hekmatyer contest UN run Afghan elections like everyone else? If he wins, good for him.

Hopefully Afghans elect more competent public servants this time around.

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