Tuesday, October 30, 2007

To Bomb or Not to Bomb Iran

Others have discussed this amazing exchange between Norman Podhoretz and Fareed Zakaria about the threats Iran poses to the United States and how to confront/neutralize this threat. I still would like to bring attention to it here and also say that it is about time for the middle or center of the American political spectrum (or what Podhoretz disdainfully calls the foreign policy establishment) to bring some sanity into the discussion of Iran. More please!


Anonymous said...

I may be over thirty years old, but I still do not trust “The establishment.”

Seriously though, what do you think about a vigorous effort to include Asian and Middle Eastern scholars and thinkers? Such a coalition may be powerful.

Bob Spencer

Anonymous said...

Sanity was a no-show in this dialog.

The amazing statements by Podhortez (comparing Iran to Nazi Germany) need to be countered but his assumption that there is an Iranian nuclear threat should not be accepted, as it was by Zakaria. But Zakaria took this Israel-concocted nuclear "threat" as a given, and then foolishly went further to compare Iran with a fictional China which had threatened to destroy half the world while aiding the Vietnamese against US aggression. That certainly was no help, was it, to giant-size Iran that way.

The "Islamo-fascist threat" was the second Podhoretz assumption that Zakaria failed to address and seemingly accepted. Podhoretz's stress on the religious aspect of Iran with Islam taking over the world (not just half of it), and his mention of Nazi Germany, keeps alive the concept of "Islamo-fascism"--although he didn't use the phrase. Zakaria failed to address this religious issue, as he refused to counter the nuclear "threat", and instead gave us the baloney about China.

Zakaria has moved the goalposts closer to the neocons with his inept comments.

Anonymous said...

Podhoretz is slated to be Rudy Giuliani's foreign policy adviser should Giuliani win.

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