Saturday, July 28, 2007

Urdu Press on Threat of US Attack in Pakistan's Tribal Areas

The USG Open Source Center rounds up Pakistani editorials on the prospect of a US attack on al-Qaeda elements in the tribal areas of northern Pakistan. The consensus? A major wave of anti-American feeling would wash over Pakistan, many of whose citizens might well rally to the tribals against the US.

Pakistan: Urdu Press Roundup on Threat of US Attack in Tribal Areas

The following is a roundup of excerpts from editorials and articles on the situation arising out of the recent US statements that it can launch direct attacks on Pakistan's Tribal Areas to dismantle Al-Qa'ida and Taliban hideouts, published in 27 July editions of five Urdu dailies:
Pakistan -- OSC Summary
Friday, July 27, 2007

Khabrain Editorial Sees Contradiction in Statements of US Officials: Expressing surprise over the statements of the US officials, who on one hand acknowledge and appreciate Pakistan's crucial role in the war against terrorism and on the other accuse it of failure to take effective steps in this war, the editorial says: "It is beyond any doubt that Pakistan has fought the war against terrorism with all sincerity and good intentions. It is still doing so. It has faced internal opposition and criticism in this regard. However, despite all this, the United States is expressing suspicion about its intentions. If irresponsible statements from the US side do not come to an end, the US should keep it in mind that strategic partnership with it can end due to its irresponsible statements."

Jang Article by Aga Mahsud Hussain Warns of Rise in Anti-US Sentiments in Event of Attack: Supporting the statement of Foreign Minister Kasuri that there will be extreme surge in anti-American sentiments if the US attacks Pakistan's Tribal Areas, the article comments: "President Musharraf will have to face the most difficult situation in case of possible US attack, though he has been fighting against terrorism in collaboration with the US. He has achieved remarkable successes in this war. The troops of Pakistan Army sacrificed their lives while extremists are killing troops and policemen inside the country (due to this very reason)."

Express Article by Ahmed Latif Fears Large-Scale War in Tribal Areas: Saying that the United States may implement its threats of attacking the Tribal Areas to realize its objectives, the article says: "It appears that fear of a big war on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border may come true if seen in the perspective of recent happenings and threats of direct attacks by the United States. In his weekly Radio address, President Bush has also talked about such things. He termed the Lal Mosque operation as part of the global war against terrorism. Pakistan is being patted for doing an excellent job but the desire of 'do more' is also expressed at the same time. In other words, Pakistan is being asked to attack its own people. There are people who say that it will now be Pakistan's turn or the process has already started."

Nawa-e Waqt Editorial Warns US Against Attacking Tribal Areas: Asking the Pakistan Government to tell the United Sates that resistance against the US in Tribal Areas is due to its oppression in Afghanistan and Iraq, the editorial says: "The Pakistan Government should tell the Untied States that the Tribal Areas are integral part of Pakistan and if Washington attacks these areas, people of Pakistan will be duty-bound to assist their tribal brethren. The United Sates will have to face stiff resistance, in addition to facing the anger and protest of Muslims across the world. Hatred against the US in Muslim countries will not end due to verbal consolation given by Washington. The United States will have to stop the war in Iraq and Afghanistan and make reparations for the material losses there."

Islam Editorial Asks Government To Refrain From Inviting 'More' Trouble: Analyzing the situation that shows that the United States is engaged in planning to create difficulties for Pakistan by deteriorating the situation in the country and estranging its trustworthy friend China, the editorial says: "The situation in Tribal Areas has worsened in the wake of scrapping of the peace agreement. There is danger of more attacks and suicide attacks following reports about launching of a joint operation by the United States and Pakistan. The possibility of its reaction spreading to other parts of the country cannot be ruled out. Keeping in view these realities, there is need that the Pakistan Government acts wisely and refrains from inviting more trouble and danger for the country under external pressure."


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