Friday, October 23, 2009

Afghanistan: A Special Issue

The Afghanistan: A Special Issue, Nov 9, 2009, includes a short piece by me. I especially draw your attention to the Priya Satiya and Selig Harrison. And Stephen Walt. And, all.

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MatthewNasuti said...

ISAF does not publish data on the troop strength of the Quetta Taliban or the Haqqani network or the Hekmatyar faction, so there is no way to evaluate how strong these groups are. It is doubtful that they have the manpower necessary to capture areas outside of the Pashtoon south and east. Even if they did, it is unlikely that they would unify. A weak and divided Pashtoon "state" would not necessarily be the threat that many mindlessly fear. I don't advocate that we let this happen, but fear-mongering is not helpful.
Matthew J. Nasuti
former USAF Captain and State Dept. official - currently writing for the Kabul Press.